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Minecraft is free for Every Northern Ireland Secondary School

  Minecraft has been praised for its emphasis on building, creativity and exploration. The players learn about construction and architecture as well as the simple pleasure of self-expression. Many mods have been created to assist budding builders to learn about coding, geography, and art. Every secondary school in Northern Ireland is now offered an unrestricted copy of the game, which acknowledges its potential as a tool for education. CultureTECH, an annual festival that celebrates the creative and technology industries, has obtained funding from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure for more than 200 schools to get download codes. Each license is for MinecraftEdu which is a specific version of Minecraft that is specifically designed for classroom use. Although it's not unusual to see Minecraft in schools but this is the first time the game has been distributed across an entire region. Does anyone else wish you were a kid again? [Image Credit: MinecraftEdu] Minecraft is free for every Northern Ireland secondary school Minecraft server list

Minecraft server list

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